Friday, August 31, 2012

Protecting Your Work--What You Need to Know about Making Sure Your Writing Stays Yours

Patricia has taken my online class and read my book, You Book Starts Here. She wrote me last week with a good question about how to protect her work.

"While I have had my ups and downs over the years, since I took your class and started using your framework, I am finally creating some work I am willing to share" she said.  "In that vein I have been investigating some of the social network sites that allow for feedback and submissions.  The sites have been clear about the work submitted not falling into the 'published' category, so that has been addressed. 

"I am wondering, however, if I need to be doing something specific to protect my intellectual property.   

"How do I share my work, get feedback, and give feedback in return through social networks, and protect my words?  I have no idea what to do to make sure my intellectual property isn't stolen." 

The three sites Patricia is considering are authonomy by Harper Collins, Scribophile by Turkey Sandwich, and Critique Circle by Dorrance Publishing.