Friday, February 14, 2014

What Do You Love about Your Book? A Simple Writing Exercise to Fall in Love with Your Creativity Again

I recently received a wealth of feedback on my novel revision.  I sought this, from other published writers and good readers.  I'd worked hard to get to the point where my manuscript was ready for another round.

The comments came in, and they were excellent.  My readers took time to really think about the story, especially its complicated structure.  Where did they fall into the "dream" of the book?  Where did they fall out, get distracted or confused?  I took all the pages, the emails, and I made a master list.  These were the areas to look at more closely.  Where I hadn't quite delivered what I wanted.

Of course, with feedback, especially feedback in quantity, there are some rules to keep your sanity.  Extreme likes or dislikes are suspect.  Opposing views cancel each other out.  You look for repeating comments.  What many people noticed is often worth your notice.