Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Advice If You're Looking for an Agent--from Chuck Sambuchino and Victoria Strauss

Is your book ready for an agent? There are some great web sites out there, to help you find the right person--and to educate you on all the pitfalls.

A favorite is by Victoria Strauss. Click here to visit her website.

Another great site is the Guide to Literary Agents--click here.

Or Chuck Sambuchino's WritersNet's agent directory lets you search by your genre and topic. Click here.

What other great sites have you found?


  1. is another good resource, pretty accurate and up to date. But once you have a list of agents you want to query it is important to go to their sites and read their submission requirements as they have stated them. Sometimes these other resources are wrong or out of date.

  2. is also a good site. But I have found once you've made your list of agents it's good to go to each agency's site, if they have one. Sometimes these other resources have out of date info. Best to look to the horse's mouth for exact submission guidlines.

  3. Very good advice, Shelley.
    Be sure to check out each agent's site before you send anything!