Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When You're Stuck--Here's a Unique Way to Get Yourself Moving!

A writing friend sent me this great video. Watch it for a break from your book today! It's sure to get you moving.

Click here, get on your dancing shoes, and turn up the volume.

Then let me know:
What unique things do you do...
to get yourself moving when you're stuck on your book?


  1. Wow, this made me laugh and cry. And, yes, want to dance. How could it not?! Thanks for posting this.

    I have a novel I'm working on so I'm glad to have found your site and will check back often. How's your book on writing coming along?

  2. It's coming, and I hope to have a draft completed by the end of the year. Cross fingers! Thanks for asking.

    Glad you liked this exercise--it's a good video.