Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wisdom from a Writing Master--Barbara Kingsolver on Her Writing Practice

A student in my online class shared this wonderful interview with Barbara Kingsolver from Kingsolver's website, and it has helped me through a tough writing week.  I admire Kingsolver's no-nonsense approach to the artistic life, and she has great tips on how to keep writing.

This week's writing exercise is to enjoy the article, and post your comments and insights. Click on the link below (Interview with Barbara . . . )

Interview with Barbara Kingsolver on Writing


  1. "Revision is where fine art begins. It’s thrilling to take an ending and pull it backward like a shiny thread through the whole fabric of a manuscript, letting little glints shine through here and there." (B. Kingsolver)

    This is the kind of writing that makes me swoon. Thanks for sharing
    the link, Mary!

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  3. "To avoid distraction, I write on a computer that is not connected to the internet.". I think I'll try that one...

    I'm looking forward to your class in May!