Friday, July 8, 2016

Summertime, and the Writing Is . . . Gone? Five Ways to Fit Writing into Your Crazy Life!

This week, try one of these five ways to fit writing into a busy summer life.  They've all worked beautifully for me--and I still get time to enjoy that camping trip!

1.  In spring, I browse online writing classes and I sign up for two classes that have weekly deadlines that make me write.  Since I pay for the class, I tend to show up.  I take one class in June-July, another in July-August. 

2.  I take along my tablet and write ideas for scenes, setting descriptions, character ideas, wherever I am.  If I'm working on a chapter for my book, I'll email it to myself and open it on my phone or tablet in Pages, then work on it when I am waiting or traveling.

3.  I get up earlier and write earlier in the day.  Seems like things get way busier as the day gets along, and evenings are lovely and full of fun.  So morning--early--is my main time to write.

4.  I take a retreat.  I book myself a week away from everything each summer so I can just write.  I get more done and feel better about my writing.  Many creative artists do this--just look at all the arts residencies around!

5.  I have a weekly deadline with feedback partners.  Another "show up" prompt that keeps writing on the front burner. 

What works for you?  Maybe you want to set aside your writing for summer, which is also fine (you won't die), but if you want to keep it going, it's time stop being wistful and start thinking about how to fit it in.  It's already July!

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