Friday, April 19, 2019

The Task of Writers to Awaken the Fresh View of Life--Like Traveling to a New Place

I remember pitching one of my novels to agents at a writing conference.  They'd read a few chapters ahead of time, a nice perk at that particular conference, and one of the best compliments I got as I listened to the feedback was:  "This is very fresh."

I asked more about what that meant.  From the response, I gathered that agents look for writers who present a fresh view of life.  Akin to the wonder we might have, traveling to a new place, readers also want to view life differently because of your memoir, novel, or nonfiction book.

This week I am teaching in Minneapolis at the Loft so my Friday post will be short.  Just to share with you a link passed on by a friend (thanks Barbara!), a beautiful article by an Irish writer and writing teacher.  The link is here (if it doesn't work, go to  and search for the author, Liam Heneghan).  Maybe it'll inspire you to awaken to a fresh view, both in your life and your writing, this week.

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